REVIEW – Razors SL1 and Jenna Downing Pro Skates: A Baseless History

Razors SL1 Jenna Downing Pro Skates

Razors new releases – the SL1 and Jenna Downing Pro Skate

Way back in 2008, when skates were beginning to look more like shoes and less like snow boots,  Razors Skate Co. did something different.  They wanted to offer a skate that improved grinding and stability, while still maintaining a lightweight boot and maximum control.  Razors removed all excess plastic to decrease weight, removed the bottom of the shell and combined the boot into the soul plate.  With these simple changes, the baseless boot design was fabricated and the SuperLight (SL) skates were born.  Since this was a new type of boot, Razors wanted it tested and skated mercilessly to make sure that it was the best design possible, and it was under this clause that the Razors Aragon2 was released, the first SL skate ever.  Since then, there have been 14 SL models, including the first women’s pro skate by Razors, the Jenna Downing SL1, and the epitome of the SL series, the recently released Razors SL1.


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