Valo X Years Spring Release

The Valo X Years Spring Release

The Valo X Years Spring Release

It’s been a decade since Valo became an official skate company lead by one of the most influential skaters and innovators in the blading community, Jon Julio.  Since 2003, Valo has been working hard to become a leading skate manufacturer and is considered one of the best brands in the blading community.  Over the years, Valo skates have evolved from the standard plastic skate boot design, to something more stylish and representative of the brand as a whole and the bladers who blade for them.

The man.  The myth. The Julio.

The man. The myth. The Julio.

Being a skater run/skater owned shop, Valo understands the endless needs of their customers They have strived to construct their skates using premium fabrics, so that they are durable and comfortable, while designing them with great stylistic features and aesthetics.  For their 10 Year Anniversary, Valo released 3 skates that have helped establish them as one of the forerunners of aggressive inline skate production.

Valo JJ Light 2013

Valo JJ Light 2013

Jon Julio’s own pro skate returns in an all black (with a little white soul) boot, still produced in the Light skate design.  The carbon fiber shell has been layered to increase resilience and the Open Shell construction provides a better fit.  A shock absorbing neoprene foot bed reduces vibration and landing reverberations, while JJ Light Liners add comfort and flexibility.  One big change for 2013 is the soul plates, which are now manufactured out of nylon and glass fiber, providing a fluid, smooth slide while still maintaining high durability and impact resistance.

The classic, redesigned - TV.2013

The classic, redesigned – TV.2013

The TV.2013 is a continuation of the popular Valo TV series and contains everything that the JJ Light model is, without the carbon fiber shell.  Still an incredibly tough boot, the TV series has a polyurethane shell and cuff, as well as the new changes to the soul plates.  Featured in a greyscale skin, the TV.2013 is an awesome skate that will still live up to, and deserve, the Valo name.

Homage to the roots of it all - V13

Homage to the roots of it all – V13

The V13 is a commemoration by Valo of the Roces M12.  Once JJ’s most prolific skate, the V13 gives you everything you need in a skate without the frills.  The original M12 is still being used today and is the base design for all Valo boots, including the hand crafted, carbon fiber Valo Lights.  This skate is essentially a TV boot, with a standard Valo liner and without the skin or Valo soul plates.  This boot is an example of a superb entry level or everyday shred boot for those looking for quality, with spending the quantity.

The complete line available now at Inline Warehouse.

The complete line available now at Inline Warehouse.

Complete skate setups come unassembled in the box with a set of the JJ Light white frames with black anti-rockers and Valo JJ Light 58mm, 88A wheels with ABEC5 bearings.

Valo - X Years

Valo – X Years


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