USD Aeon 72 Aggressive Skates

The USD Aeon 72 Powerblade Skates - the newest game changer from USD!

The USD Aeon 72 Powerblade Skates – the newest game changer from USD!

It started with a concept – SIMPLIFY THE BOOT.  First came the Legacy, then the Thrones and all it’s offshoots, followed by the Carbon and Carbon Free.  But now, with the Aeon, USD has produced a skate that’s clean, capable, and ready to go right out of the box!

The USD Aeon Aggressive Inline Skate is a revolutionary new hard boot design that emulates the fit and response of USD’s higher-end Carbon and Carbon-Free models, at a fraction of the cost, and with the benefit of supporting up to 72mm wheels with it’s one-piece boot and frame molded hard shell.

The USD Aeon skates address the rise of powerblade skating; a style of aggressive skating that utilizes larger wheels for faster slides and higher jumps, plus additional flat land tricks that normally were only attempted by the most nimble and skilled freestyle skaters.  These skates are perfect for an aggressive skater that may be looking for a skate or boot and wants to expand their skating capability to embrace the new styles of faster skating.

A look at the different facets of the USD Aeon skates.

A look at the different facets of the USD Aeon skates.

By incorporating Unibody Construction, USD is able to save on a large cost of manufacturing, which brings the selling price down, but also provides a couple other benefits.  With a single mold between the frame and boot, USD is capable of recessing the wheels further up into the boot, allowing this flat setup of 72mm wheels, to provide the same grinding and trick capabilities of 58-60mm wheel counterparts.  Since the mold is a single piece, this also means the stability is improved, meaning a better stance and lock for grinding as well as maneuvering around.  Faster speeds for jumping and grinds will take aggressive skating to a whole other level, and if you don’t feel much like pushing the coping, you can always take them out for a nice relaxing skate around town, or down to the beach with the friends.  Since they have no separate frame, it means less parts, tools, and work to be done, allowing skaters to enjoy the skates even more!

The frames are similar in performance to the Kizer Level 3 Powerblade frames and as mentioned, the mold allows the frames to be pushed farther up into the boot than is standard. In fact, what we found is that the Aeon skates have a lower deck height then any 58mm skate currently available.  USD developed this by placing the wheels right under the sole of your foot, then shaped the plate and boot around that, making this one of the most responsive skates to date.  The larger wheel setup recalls the early years of the sport where you can not only grind around, but also use them as transport, from spot to spot, or around town; having large 72mm wheels means there is nothing to stop you!

Introducing the Aeon 72 Skates - The people's choice for 2016!

Introducing the Aeon 72 Skates – The people’s choice for 2016!


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