REVIEW – Razors Aragon 6 Pro Skates

A pair of slightly custom Razors A6 Skates.

A pair of slightly custom Razors A6 Skates.

WAYYYY back in 2002, this young gun from Brighton, Colorado, named Brian Aragon was shredding it up across the US and just became a Pro after qualifying Top 10 in the ASA Amateur Finals.  By 2004, he was sponsored by Razors and given his first pro skate, the Aragon1.  By 2010, there were 3 other reiterations of the Aragon pro skate, and each time, something new was brought to the table and standardized, making the A-Pro models industry standards examples that many imitated, but few duplicated.

Fast forward to 2014 and we have the SIXTH release of the Aragon Pro Skates.  Let’s take a look-see….

Don't fix what ain't broke, right Bert?

Don’t fix what ain’t broke, right Bert?

This generation of the A6 is based on the SL boot, same used in the super-popular A5 model.  Most will see this as an A5 model with a different skin, but through our experience, the A6 has a couple of improvements.

First, the included liner is a Jug Black Sox style that is favored by Brian.  Where as it’s not the same Jug liner, it does use the same inner foam and lining material, so we’ll call it the Jug Black Sox Lite.  The liner is formed a little better, indicating an improvement in last design, meaning the skates will be more comfortable without sacrificing performance.  Also, the tongue on the liner has a noticeably stiffer insert then the previous Jug/Aragon Pro model liners.  Even though this skate has excellent flex and response, this is a welcome change to help reduce lace bit and add a little support in the cuff.  Most obvious when doing pornstars, acids, and royales/unity.

A look inside - The A6 Liner.  Your feet will thank you!

A look inside – The A6 Liner. Your feet will thank you!

Second, the new Ground Control FLT3 frames are included with all the complete skates, which makes these even higher performance.  The GC FLT3 frames have been updated to include metal frame spacers, providing reduced friction between the bearings and wheels, allowing for better acceleration and high speed.  This also adds a little durability to the frames since the metal will warp less over time and improve the longevity of the frames.

The new Ground Control FLT3 frames - METAL RULEZ!

The new Ground Control FLT3 frames – METAL RULEZ!

Not much else has changed, and even though the A5 is considered a better looking model, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  The liner, frame, and boot tweaks are welcome and we hope this isn’t the last Aragon model, but if it is, it’s a good way to be remembered.

Brian "The Prince" Aragon.

Brian “The Prince” Aragon.


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