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xsjado 2014 dustin werbeski chris farmer sean kelso pro aggressive skates boots

Xsjado 2014 Pro Models – Quick Look

The purveyor of unique skate design, Xsjado, has released new Pro models and a new base model.  The first Sean Kelso Pro Model has a muted camouflage trim, the 5th Chris Farmer Pro Model with white leopard accents and stylish leather foot wrap, and new Xsjado Team member Dustin Werbeski got a pro model in a powerblade format, featuring some cool earth tone colors and a faux wood grain soul plate to match.  Finally, the Avant 3 is re-imagined in a navy blue boot and wrap with white trim.  Let’s take a look at each model:

Xsjado Avant 3 Complete Aggressive Skates

The Avant 3 – Perfection in it’s simplest form.

Taking a look at the Avant 3 Skates (also available in a boot only), Xsjado gives us the 1.5 shell combination in navy with white accents.  The Xsjado 1.5 boot is a great setup, with it being the proven and tested Xsjado 1.0 shell paired with the new 2.0 soul plates, allowing the traditional fans of Xsjado shells to take advantage of the better sizing with the new soul plates. Of course, with a full Xsjado boot, you get a snazzy foot wraps that match the style of the shell, in this case the Avant 3 foot wraps, which are both comfortable and durable enough to use as standard shoes.  Signature Xsjado Tri-Strap closures and cushy shell lining offer a great feel when laced up, and purchased as a complete setup, you get solid Kizer Fluid 4 frame in an anti-rocker setup with 57mm, 88A Avant Team Wheels and ABEC7 bearings.

xsjado sean kelso pro aggressive skates boots

The Xsjado Sean Kelso Pro Boots – accept no substitutions.

Up next, the Sean Kelso Pro Model Boots are built to the Xsjado 2.0 shell specification, giving more flexibility and control due to separated cuff and mid-strap hinge.  The wrap lining is accented with camouflage to match the inner lining on the foot wrap.  Combined with the canvas outer sole on the foot wraps and the upper shell, the boot has an very understated, but rugged look and feel.

xsjado chris farmer 5 pro model aggressive skates boots

The ever stylish Chris Farmer showing off the Farmer 5 Boots – Classy!

On the other hand, the Chris Farmer 5 Pro Boots feature white leopard print highlights on the shell and a very posh leather foot wrap.  If you had to wear a pair of blades to your high school prom, these would be the ones.  Constructed in the same manner as the Sean Kelso model, the Chris Farmer 5s are designed with the 2.0 shell, allowing more advanced skaters a larger range of motion and capability.  Both the Chris Farmer 5 and Sean Kelso models are boot only and do not come with frames, wheels or bearings.

xsjado chris farmer 5 pro model aggressive skates boots

Hey there pretty boots!!

Last, but not least, the Dustin Werbeski Pro Skates are built for powerblading, utilizing larger wheels, up to 76mm or 80mm to enhance overall speed, which would increase grind distance, gap height, and jump distance.  Since powerblading is still relatively new in the US, it is really only recommended for intermediate to advanced level skaters that have experience skating larger setups without brakes.  As for the look, the Werbeski Pro Model Skates have a very “natural” look to them, utilizing brown, black, and tan highlights, which in turn, blends with the faux-wood soul plate and wheels made specifically for this skate.  Another unique addition to this skate is the frame; Xsjado decided to up the game and provide the Kizer Powerblade Level 3 frame, previous unavailable in the US, which supports up to 72mm wheels, enabling a much larger increase in speed, and has a pre-grooved H-Block section, further cementing the status of this skate as a skate that is meant to shred, and shred FAST!

xsjado dustin werbeski pro model powerblade powerblading aggressive skates boots

If blading had models – Dustin Werbeski wouldn’t be one, but his skates would!

Thanks for taking a look at the Xsjado Skates for 2014.  Check them out at!

dustin werbeski xsjado pro

Dustin Werbeski showing what you can do with his blades!


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