Razor Aragon 5 Pro Skates

The Prince is Back!  The anticipated Razors Aragon 5 Aggressive Skates are available and worth the hype.  For his 5th signature model, the Aragon 5 is constructed with the Razor SuperLight (SL) shell, which focuses on an improved soul plate and backslide plates, while giving you the ability to replace all of the parts in a variety of colors to customize this skate as you see fit.

Razors Aragon 5 Complete skates

The Set

Also available as a BOOT ONLY, this mostly black boot is high density, for great support without increasing weight, and wrapped in a black canvas skin to further enhance the durability.  An Aragon custom decaled Razor Genesys cuff is fitted, as this is one of the most popular cuffs that can supply a balance between support and flex.

Razors Aragon 5 Cuff

5 Jokers Cuff

As with most SL skates, the liner is a JUG Signature Liner, providing a tongue insert to allow adjustable flex, more padding in the cuff and tongue for comfort, and a Velcro tongue attachment, highlighted with Aragon 5 matching accents.  Sandwiched between the boot and liner is a Jug Heel Pad to help reduce vibration and improve shock absorption when landing.

Razors Aragon 5 Skates and Liner

Boot and Liner

Ground Control Black Featherlite 2 Frames with an anti-rocker setup and M1 Aragon 57mm/90a wheels, slotted with ABEC7 bearings, compose the complete skate.

razors aragon 5 soulplates frames and wheels

Under the Skate

razors aragon 5 Ground Control Frames, Aragon Pro Wheels

Ground Control Frames, Aragon Pro Wheels

We’ve already had tons of positive feedback on these skates.  I was a big fan of the Silhan and McLeod models, but I believe this is the crème del a crème (the very best) that Razors has put together.

Razors aragon 5 cuff, boot liner, frames, wheels

The Blue Collection

Here’s a short review from Melissa of thebladies.com:

The A5 is a solid skate coming from Razors. The canvas boot adds a nice touch in appearance. The Jug Aragon liner has full ankle support and flex, making it 100% comfort. The liner itself makes for a solid and snug fit! The soul plate slides very clean and smooth. The A5 is definitely a sleek skate and the blue hints makes this another worthy skate from Razors. Between the backslide groove and the Aragon GC frames, every trick locks on so well. The A5 is light, has that great Razors flex, and seems to be extremely solid making your tricks look good! Also a bonus, the 6-7 boot doesn’t make your foot look so bulky and seem to have the slender mold like the Razor Horns which is awesome for those of us with smaller feet! The first 5 minutes in my A5 skates felt so amazing, I’m so glad these skates are as good as I hoped! Be sure to get your pair at IW! They never fail!


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