REVIEW – Razors SL1 and Jenna Downing Pro Skates: A Baseless History

Razors SL1 Jenna Downing Pro Skates

Razors new releases – the SL1 and Jenna Downing Pro Skate

Way back in 2008, when skates were beginning to look more like shoes and less like snow boots,  Razors Skate Co. did something different.  They wanted to offer a skate that improved grinding and stability, while still maintaining a lightweight boot and maximum control.  Razors removed all excess plastic to decrease weight, removed the bottom of the shell and combined the boot into the soul plate.  With these simple changes, the baseless boot design was fabricated and the SuperLight (SL) skates were born.  Since this was a new type of boot, Razors wanted it tested and skated mercilessly to make sure that it was the best design possible, and it was under this clause that the Razors Aragon2 was released, the first SL skate ever.  Since then, there have been 14 SL models, including the first women’s pro skate by Razors, the Jenna Downing SL1, and the epitome of the SL series, the recently released Razors SL1.


Razors SL1 Skates

The Razors SL1 Skates – flat black ninja time!

The Razor SL1 Skate signifies all the engineering and design that Razor has put forth on the SL boots and is featured in a ninja-like (almost) all black color scheme.  Grey and silver highlights on the lace loops, top buckle and liner add a touch of style, but since everything on the SL boots are replaceable, you can style this skate anyway you choose.

As usual, the baseless boot gives a natural feel to every grind, as well as the usual assortment of completely replaceable grinding parts (soul plates, soul inserts and backslide plates).  To compliment the boot, Razors fitted it with the Genesys cuff for more support and stocks it with the Razors SL Liners.  Similar to the Genesys liner, the SL liners come with upgraded lacing on the liner to increase response and improve heel fit.  There’s a removable tongue insert to change the forward flex as desired and the liner tongue also has oversized padding as well as elastic straps to ensure good comfort and reduce lateral shifting while skating.

Razors SL1 Skate

Fully replaceable parts means you can turn this into your own Pro Skate!

Ground Control Featherlite 2 frames are paired with these boots and setup in anti-rocker form to enhance grinding.  ABEC9 Bearings are fitted into the Razors 57mm, 90A Team wheels for a fast, smooth roll on both park and street.

Jenna Downing - World Champion Inline Skater and Role Model for everyone.

Jenna Downing – World Champion Inline Skater and Role Model for everyone.

If you don’t know who Jenna Downing is, that’s OK, but to be honest, you should.  Jenna Downing is probably one the most respected female athletes in the world.  Not only does her blading career speak volumes of her ability, but it’s her activities and contributions outside the sport that make her one of biggest names in this sport.  Jenna has been skating since the age of 8 and turned pro at age 12, younger then the majority of her male counterparts, done at a time when turning pro was only for males, and in less then a decade became the 2008 LG Action Sports World Champion, a 2002 X-Games silver medalist, and 10 x British skating champion.  She has probably competed in more televised blading events then the average skater knows of and has become an institution in British skating. TL;DR – Jenna Downing is awesome.  This is why Razors gave her a pro skate design and it was well deserved.

Jenna Downing SL1 Pro Skate Jenna Downing

The JD SL1 Pro Skate and Jenna herself.

As stated, the JD Pro is a white SL boot with the hard shell outer and features purple, pink and black highlights with a pink ribbon on the boot that signifies Breast Cancer Awareness support, and not just because this skate was designed by a woman.  During the designing process, Jenna had a breast cancer scare, and since has pledged that 100% of all profits she would make from this skate will go directly to Breast Cancer Care organization to help support their continued research.

Razors Jenna Downing SL1 Pro Skate Cuff

The SL Cuff and Razors JD Liner – showing off the JD graphics.

Other boot features are the SL cuff, which provides an optimal balance of support and flex, as well as the usual assortment of completely replaceable grinding parts (soul plates, soul inserts and backslide plates).  The JD SL1 is paired with the Razors SL Liners that feature Jenna’s selected pro graphics and appearance.  As for features, the SL liners are the same as found in the SL1 skates with removable tongue insert, upgraded lacing, oversized padding and elastic tongue straps.

Razors Jenn Downing SL1 Pro Skate Liners

Looking down, you can tell how nicely padded the liner is – nice and cozy.

Just like the SL1 skates, you get the time-proven Ground Control Featherlite 2 frames, albeit in colors and graphics to match the boots.  These frames come equipped with Jenna’s own Razors Pro Wheel and her favorite urethane mix and dimensions.  Slotted with ABEC 9 bearings for a super fast roll and at 57mm size, they fit perfectly in the anti-rocker setup, while the 88A hardness will enable good speed on the street without limiting grip on the smooth park surfaces.

Jenna Downing SL1 Pro Skate wheel

Check out the curves on that hotness!

The Razors SL1 and the Jenna Downing SL1 Pro Skates are in stock and available now, either complete as described, or available as boots only.  Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it is only fitting that the Jenna Downing Pro Skates are released just in time.  Find out more information on these and other Razors skates at our website,

Razors SL1 Skates

Razors SL1 – complete skate or boot only, available now!

Razors Jenna Downing JD SL1 Pro Skate

October is now officially the “Buy Jenna’s Skate” month!



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