REVIEW – the USD Carbon Franky 2 Boots “Look like them Jordans!”

The USD Carbon Franky 2 Boots are finally here!  Long anticipated since the release of the first version Carbon 3 models, the Frankys are back, still representing the Nike Air Jordan Spizike inspired look, but make no mistake – this boot isn’t made for ballin’, it’s made for shredding!

USD Carbon 3 Franky Morales 2 Pro Boot

For 2013 – the USD Carbon Franky Morales Pro Boot V2

The boot’s amazing design choice is a reflection of Franky’s personal style and is meant to represent one of his favorite shoes.  This was done with the previous Franky model, the USD Carbon 3 Franky boots, and this year it’s back in (mostly) black.  Now, everyone’s saying, “Why does FRANKY get ANOTHER pro boot??”  Well, because Franky has been killing it for years, and has deserved it.  He’s been putting his name on some of the best stuff for over a decade.  He has probably bladed with more pros, in more skateparks around the world than the average blader can name of either.  USD has a great team (Tre, Richie, Jeff, Lomax, Ledoux) and everyone deserves a top level pro model skate and boot (Ledoux got a Carbon 3), so we’ll see what happens in the next 6 months.

usd carbon franky v2 boots jordans

Aesthetically, it is great looking boot and made with some very high quality materials.  The lower heel area showcases the carbon fiber shell, and the entire shell has been encased in leather and nano-leather.  Added toe and heel wraps made of nano leather and printed with a camouflage style “stealth” pattern, protecting those areas where common scuffing can occur.  The rest of the upper boot is made of leather and decorated with stitching and highlights similar to the aforementioned Nike Air Jordan Spizike shoes, yet toned down to flat black colors.  But enough about how good they look….

usd carbon franky morales 2 boots

The USD Carbon Franky 2… looks just as good with frames and on your feet.

The construction of these skates is uni-body, meaning that the liner and shell are combined into one piece as they do not have a separate, removable liner.  This benefits the skater by providing an extremely close fit, granting unparalleled response and comfort.  The shell is made of carbon fiber which produces a mold that has 35% less volume and 25% lighter then other plastic boot molds.  Since USD is so sure of the durability and construction of the boot, they warranty the carbon shell for FIVE years, meaning that if this shell breaks due to skating, USD will refund or replace it.

The liners are Powerslide SlimFit Liners, which are fabricated out of neoprene and microfiber, reducing moisture buildup and allowing the liner to mold to a skater’s specific foot contours.  Speaking of molding, since these are carbon fiber boots, they can be heat molded for added customization and to increase overall comfort.  The tongue is another great internal feature, being stiff to help relieve instep pressure, but pre-contoured to add flexibility and comfort without reducing the stiffness and material quality.

USD carbon Franky Morales 2 boots

Just as good from the back – V-Cut and the custom Franky decal.

The cuff is cut into a V-cut, increase mobility, lateral support, and forward flex.  The soulplates have an extended negative and the backslide comes pre-grooved, providing smooth and fast sliding.  The cuff and soulplate are both single, one-piece design, so you can easily remove and change them out as you desire.  The instep strap is thick and lined with nylon, making it extremely durable, while the ankle strap has a receiver recess that protects the teeth on the strap from becoming worn off.

The fit is similar to a comfortable shoe and responds like a high quality athletic shoe.  It’s full of small features that you may never notice, nor thought you cared about, such as the double velcro instep strap, which feels very secure, without being tight and constraining.  Another small feature that is really convenient is a set of extra eyelets further out on the midstep of the boot.  This is great for bladers that have wider feet, or anyone that wants to add a bit more forward flex to the shoe without having to keep parts unlaced.  This boot is sure to become a favorite and a standard for USD, and maybe most blading boots, for years to come.

usd carbon franky morales 2

USD Carbon Franky Morales Pro Boot V2 – Available Now


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