The Xsjado Collection – 2014


xsjado 2014 dustin werbeski chris farmer sean kelso pro aggressive skates boots

Xsjado 2014 Pro Models – Quick Look

The purveyor of unique skate design, Xsjado, has released new Pro models and a new base model.  The first Sean Kelso Pro Model has a muted camouflage trim, the 5th Chris Farmer Pro Model with white leopard accents and stylish leather foot wrap, and new Xsjado Team member Dustin Werbeski got a pro model in a powerblade format, featuring some cool earth tone colors and a faux wood grain soul plate to match.  Finally, the Avant 3 is re-imagined in a navy blue boot and wrap with white trim.  Let’s take a look at each model:

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New Razors Summer Release – Jeph Howard SL and Fabio Enes Cult Pro Models

Razors has two exciting releases for summer – The JH1 Jeph Howard SL Pro and Fabio Enes Cult Pro model skates and boots.  Both of these are much deserved skate models: Jeph, a Minnesota native whose boot design is traditional and as no-nonsense as he is and Fabio, a Brazilian born skater whose been Brazilian Champion several times and still manages time to be an amazing still and video photographer.

jeph howard pro skate

The JH1 Boots – available now at IW!

fabio enes cult pro skate

Fabio Enes Cult Pro – green and yellow REPRESENT!

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PREVIEW – Seba CJ Wellsmore Pro Skates


It was dangerous, but someone had to do it!

We had to crawl 1000 feet in the mud, under razor wire, sneak past vicious guard dogs, trigger happy henchmen, use a plethora of super-secret spy equipment, and… we lost George… but we think it was worth it!

Here’s a first look at the CJ Wellsmore Pro Skate from Seba.  Click to see… All proceeds will go to George, who sacrificed his life to get this info.  RIP George!

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