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The Frame Game – The Case of Flat v. Anti-Rocker

There are a number of wheel configuration options when setting your frames up.  Some frames can only be setup in certain ways, such as freestyle frames, but the oldest and still most widely used configurations are anti-rocker and flat.  One of our IW Team Skaters, Phil England (who also wrote up a great review on some Kaltik Team Flat Frames, as well as Remz HR 1.3 Skates), recently completed a study of anti-rocker versus flat and complied a low-down of his experience and advice when trying to decide which is best.

Which is best for you - Anti-Rocker or Flat?

Which is best for you – Anti-Rocker or Flat?

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REVIEW – the USD Carbon Franky 2 Boots “Look like them Jordans!”

The USD Carbon Franky 2 Boots are finally here!  Long anticipated since the release of the first version Carbon 3 models, the Frankys are back, still representing the Nike Air Jordan Spizike inspired look, but make no mistake – this boot isn’t made for ballin’, it’s made for shredding!

USD Carbon 3 Franky Morales 2 Pro Boot

For 2013 – the USD Carbon Franky Morales Pro Boot V2

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New Razors Summer Release – Jeph Howard SL and Fabio Enes Cult Pro Models

Razors has two exciting releases for summer – The JH1 Jeph Howard SL Pro and Fabio Enes Cult Pro model skates and boots.  Both of these are much deserved skate models: Jeph, a Minnesota native whose boot design is traditional and as no-nonsense as he is and Fabio, a Brazilian born skater whose been Brazilian Champion several times and still manages time to be an amazing still and video photographer.

jeph howard pro skate

The JH1 Boots – available now at IW!

fabio enes cult pro skate

Fabio Enes Cult Pro – green and yellow REPRESENT!

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REVIEW – Remz HR 1.3 Skates

remz hr 1.3 skates and boots

Remz HR 1.3 Team Skate, back for round 3!

With the HR 1.3 skates and boots, Remz brings back one of the most capable, and versatile skates and boots setup for 2013.  Our Team Rider, Phil England, has had hands on experience with these skates, and can’t wait to tell you all about them!

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PREVIEW – Seba CJ Wellsmore Pro Skates


It was dangerous, but someone had to do it!

We had to crawl 1000 feet in the mud, under razor wire, sneak past vicious guard dogs, trigger happy henchmen, use a plethora of super-secret spy equipment, and… we lost George… but we think it was worth it!

Here’s a first look at the CJ Wellsmore Pro Skate from Seba.  Click to see… All proceeds will go to George, who sacrificed his life to get this info.  RIP George!

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Valo X Years Spring Release

The Valo X Years Spring Release

The Valo X Years Spring Release

It’s been a decade since Valo became an official skate company lead by one of the most influential skaters and innovators in the blading community, Jon Julio.  Since 2003, Valo has been working hard to become a leading skate manufacturer and is considered one of the best brands in the blading community.  Over the years, Valo skates have evolved from the standard plastic skate boot design, to something more stylish and representative of the brand as a whole and the bladers who blade for them.

The man.  The myth. The Julio.

The man. The myth. The Julio.

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Scribe Wheels 2012 Winter/2013 Spring

Scribe Industries logo

Old school company, new school designs

Scribe Industries has been around the blading community for a long time, ever since they made metal grind plates for your frames.  Chances are likely that if you bladed in the 90s, you used something from Scribe.  Now they have re-invented themselves and are providing some awesome wheels with quality urethane.

Scribe 2013 Colin Kelso, Casey Bagozzi, Kirill Galushko Pro wheel

The Kelso, Bagozzi, and Galushko, OH MY!!!

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